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Thekwini Toyota Company Profile

Alfie Rieckhoff the founder of Thekwini Toyota started selling the Toyota brand 38 years ago and has never looked back. Alfie was first introduced to the motor industry by taking up a job fitting number plates and progressed to become a successful owner of 5 dealerships situated in KwaZulu-Natal.

In 2001 he purchased two dealerships to form a small group and rebranded them Thekwini Toyota. Why Thekwini Toyota? Thekwini means, where the ocean meets the land. It seemed appropriate because of the beautiful beaches and tranquility of Kwa-Zulu-Natal.

Alfie is a man who has lived and breathed Toyota and he served on the Toyota council for many years. He has also chaired the council on two occasions Nationally.Thekwini Toyota has won many awards throughout the years for marketing the brand.

Fellow Director Danny Govender and Dealer Principal Michael Koberstein facilitate their dedicated team in guiding you through the purchasing process. We offer various financial options to assist you and ensure that the process is simple and excellent, yet enjoyable.

Our Moore Road dealership has been in Durban for over 30 years and the Westville dealership was built in 1996. Both dealerships operate Parts and Service Departments in addition to New and Pre-owned vehicles. With a very successful team to back Alfie,his passion has led to the opening of two more branches. One is situated in West Street, Durban and the other in Old Main Road, Pinetown. These dealerships are called Thekwini Cars and supplement the pre-owned division of Thekwini Toyota.

Throughout the years everyone in the Thekwini Toyota team has created and contributed to numerous lasting relationships with our customers. We believe and invest in the right people. We are BBBEE compliant. We welcome the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act, as it complements our business philosophy of transparency and respect of the consumers’ rights.

 All our customers, employees and suppliers are a part of our Thekwini Toyota family.

Our senior management has been with the Thekwini Toyota family since inception. We are the only metropolitan independent Toyota Motor Group in the country and one of the largest independents in KwaZulu-Natal.

Being an independent dealership means we are very flexible and are always available to satisfy our customers’ requirements. We consistently maintain high Customer Experience ratings.

Thekwini Toyota the “King of Toyota Dealers”